All Things Girl — Double Exposure: Meet the Stoap Twins (Part Two)

Give us your “elevator speech” about who you are besides being the Stoap Twins of Million Dollar Listing fame.

We are definitely individuals with unique personalities who happen to be best friends and love working together! Marissa is sort of the communicator, because both in real estate and in our personal lives she is the social butterfly. She loves making the calls, doing the planning, and getting people together for business or for fun! Julianna is super tenacious, she’s the negotiator. Julianna never takes no for an answer and is always coming up with creative ways to take our careers to the next level. Not to mention her ability to get us through any door or to the front of any concert without fail! We were raised on real estate by our parents, who have been top-producing Realtors for nearly 20 years. After getting our degrees from USC, we found that real estate was definitely in our blood… and that we loved the idea of pursuing a career together where we could achieve an unlimited amount of success. After all, you are your own boss in real estate, and the sky is the limit! What sets us apart from other agents is that you really do get two for the price of one! We each bring individual skills to the table and are an unstoppable team. Also, we are extremely hands on with our clients and extremely communicative. We take every phone call (seriously, at all hours!) to make sure the people we work with feel comfortable and know exactly what’s going on. We also have a rare combination of elements in our business: We’re young with fresh, creative ways of marketing and demonstrating the exciting lifestyle each listing can offer, coupled with a great deal of knowledge, several years experience, and literally growing up hearing about and learning about real estate every day.

What advice would you give to other women who want to follow your career path in Real Estate?

Think big, think outside the box, stay true to yourself, and be confident! There is a lot of rejection in real estate, and a lot of people competing for the same listing or trying to prove they know more than you. You have to be knowledgeable and know your stuff, but don’t sacrifice who you are or what you stand for. And definitely don’t let the rejection get you down and make you think your goals are too big. Do things your own way and try to come up with interesting ways of doing things that will make you stand out. It’s also nice to have a partner help keep you motivated and accountable, and who shares your goals and dreams so you can both commiserate and celebrate together!

We’re strong proponents of women helping other women. Is there a role model, mentor, or other woman who helped you along the road to success? Is there a woman you act as a mentor for?

Truly, our Mom, Glorie Lee. Not only in real estate, but as a role model in life. She is tremendously generous, positive, confident, and also extremely fashionable and the life of every party. When we were 4 years old she and our dad split up and she was essentially a single mom. We saw our dad but lived full time with her. She had nothing, and that’s when she started her career in Real Estate. She had to build her own business and balance taking care of twin 4-year-olds. She showed amazing grace under pressure and, though we saw her struggling at times, never took it out on us. She met our step dad and they became partners, building their business and becoming top agents in their area. We referred to them earlier as “our parents” who mentored us in real estate. Once our step dad, Rick, came on the scene he became part of our family. He’s the one who helped put food on the table, both by supporting us and also literally because our mom has always said she doesn’t like to cook, even though she’s secretly great at it. We’d like to hope we are good role models on TV because there are a lot of women our age who girls look up to, and they’re acting like morons. Let’s not name names, but I think there are some pretty obvious examples of young-women partying irresponsibly, acting up, and taking for-granted their good fortune as celebrities and role models. We’d like to mentor other women and girls in the future, probably when we’re a little wiser ourselves.

Many of our readers are professionals who struggle to balance work, home, and personal pursuits. How do you find balance in your life?

Finding balance is incredibly tough and, even if you think you have it down, it’s difficult to maintain. In real estate a lot of your work revolves around your clients’ schedules. You have to pick up phone calls during dinner and take meetings on the weekends when they are off work. You have to make sure you block out “me” time, as cliché as that sounds, and treat it like it’s as important as the other appointments you have in your calendar. Just like you wouldn’t take another client’s call during a Million dollar listing appointment, or reschedule the day you are closing escrow on a property, you have to treat the time you set for yourself like that. And it should be at least once or twice a week. Luckily many of our friends are hard-working professional women in LA as well, so we all make time for girls nights… where Bravo TV is always a fixture!

Do you have a personal motto or mission statement?

We don’t really have a specific saying, but it would definitely be something along the lines of “If you love what you do and never give up, success is the only option.” Also, to get even a bit cheesier, be the change! the real quote is from Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” This is something we learned from our Mom. To us, this is representative of both our personal lives and professional lives, as well as our desires to help others. Really it just means to take a step in the right direction every day towards positive change, and to practice what you preach.

Work isn’t everything; other than what you do for a living, what are you passionate about?

There are so many things like animal rights and protecting the planet that we try and support in our daily lives with the things we do, and by volunteering. We do things like plant trees and clear hiking trails. We also LOVE the beach and it’s a good place to relax and find balance. We play tennis together, ride horses, shop, and read. Traveling is also a huge passion of ours. We try to get away at least a few times a year, and love to soak up new cultures and scenery. Marissa “BLEEDS BLUE!” As in, she is a huge Dodgers fan! She goes to many games a year and can be caught yelling at the TV screen on game days. And Julianna is a poker shark! She plays Texas Hold’em, and uses her un-intimidating appearance as a young woman to totally disarm the competition. We are also both enjoying to learn how to cook. We’ve both recently graduated from scrambled eggs and just throwing together a salad to things like baked fish, stuffed bell peppers, and Asian-style stir-fries with shrimp and veggies. We definitely have a long way to go to call ourselves chefs though! Top Chef Season 25 maybe?! Haha.

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