All Things Girl — Double Exposure: Meet the Stoap Twins (Part One)

Meet Julianna and Marissa Stoap, the New Twin Secret Weapon(s) of Bravo’s Hit Reality TV Series, Million Dollar Listing (Part One)

The real estate market is in a funk everywhere yet Million Dollar Listing, now in its fourth season, is still a success despite the recession. The show really is not just about the glamorous high-end luxury properties of the market but inter-personal drama and the three “bad boys of real estate” who admittedly “will do anything possible to sell the dream.” Enter newcomer Josh Altman who replaced Chad Rogers and has an entourage of assistants, though crazy Mickey is his main man. Madison Hildebrand announced he was gay at the end of last season and takes on a straight female assistant named Heather. Then there is Josh Flagg who has his grandmother, the queen of polyester, famed Edith Flagg for advice, and who advises Josh to hire an assistant as long as he/she has clean fingernails. Josh decides two blonde heads are better than one and takes on two interns as opposed to one assistant.


Were you both fans of the series before you joined the show and why?

We have definitely been fans of the series since its first season. We’ve only been real estate professionals for about 2 years, but even before that we were totally drawn in by the interesting characters, the crazy negotiations, and of course the gorgeous (sometimes over-the-top) high end listings in LA. Because our parents are in real estate and we grew up around it, we were instantly able to relate to the fast-paced, high energy lifestyle of Josh, Madison, Chad, and now Josh Altman too… not to mention the demands of clients! Real estate is different every day; you meet all kinds of interesting people, and can get wrapped up in high-stakes drama and debates… MDL portrays that!

So what are two gorgeous twins doing with three pompous men in a cut-throat business?

HAHA! Honestly, as out-there as the guys can be, they all have unique ways of doing business and making a sale that are great to learn and draw from. Josh Flagg, in particular, is known as the “showman,” and for lack of a better way to say it, we can be “showgirls!” We like to help clients envision the lifestyle that certain homes have to offer, and we definitely are willing to jump through hoops for our buyers and sellers to get them what they want. As cut throat as LA real estate can be (and it certainly can be, even with your closest friends!), it can also be very fun and rewarding. We have always believed in doing what you love and what you enjoy, and hopefully what you’re also good at… and the guys on the show definitely seem to have that same mantra.

How did you audition for the show and did you know that Josh was looking at your nails besides your other obvious assets?

We actually have a mutual friend with Josh Flagg who told us he might be looking for some help with a listing or two. Even though we were already working as professional Realtors in our own partnership, we wanted to jump on the opportunity to learn from someone so well established in high-end Beverly Hills properties as well as all of Los Angeles. We had no idea he would be looking at our nails! We brought experience, knowledge, and drive to the table, along with being blonde twins, and really hit it off with him!

Did you get to meet Grandma Edith?

Yes we have met Grandma Edith and she is as darling in person as she seems. She is also as straightforward and blunt as she seems, and certainly tells it like it is (or at least as she sees it). She and her grandson are certainly eccentric in some ways, but their closeness and the way they interact is really fun to be around. We value close family relationships as well… working together of course and following in the “family biz”… so it’s cool to work with someone who is essentially best friends with his grandma!

Besides coming from a real estate family and a mother who is also a blonde bombshell, you actually do have your own real estate business, so why did you decide to become “Interns” as opposed to paid Assistants? (Did one applicant really say, “I’m not really passionate about real estate?)
Some of the other applicants probably just wanted to be on TV or work with Josh and weren’t serious about the business of real estate. One really did say that, and it was shocking… clearly they did not have the interview or conversation skills to be an intern let alone a future agent. We were already planning to move our business to Los Angeles and saw the value in partnering with Josh to learn some of the ins and outs of the area, paid or not. Working with Josh was a great experience and we gained a lot of insight. During that time we still were, and are now, working on our own deals as partners, and building our own business. Working together was a mutually beneficial partnership for us and for Josh. And our mom definitely is a blonde bombshell! We better call her right now to remind her of that too. 🙂


So far you have brought a bit of humor and lighter side to the series – even Josh said your first show was one of his favorite shows ever. How do you see yourselves fitting in on the show?
The show definitely needs female characters who can hold there own! We like to laugh and smile, and we really love what we do, so that shows through. Bringing a less serious side to the series comes naturally. We’re also incredibly knowledgeable about real estate. We’re building a friendship with Josh that will last past our internship with him. We definitely plan to return to our work as partners together (the Stoap Twins) and aren’t going to work for Josh for too long. Hopefully you’ll see us on the show with our own listings or as official partners (co-agents) with Josh on listings of his… meaning we get paid!


Season Four is over and now that you both have names instead of Twin1 and Twin2, or the Doublemint Twins, you are popping up in commentary about the show such as one fan said, “This trio is a hoot together.” and another, “I personally don’t care for Flagg. He is taking advantage of those girls.”  Is he and are you prepared for fame and no fortune unless Josh decides to actually pay you?
Haha! In regard to Josh paying us, our income has always come from our own deals and not depended on that, though interning with him was very valuable in other ways. He definitely did not take advantage of us! We all knew what we were getting into when we agreed to the internship. One of the drawbacks of Real Estate is the uncertainty. Sometimes you have a lot of business and tons of escrows are closing and sometimes, especially in this tough market, you work practically 24 hours a day without a paycheck in sight. We’re glad some people have said we’re a “hoot,” and laughed at our funny interactions. That’s really what it was like… we have a lot of fun together and really get along, and I think the two of us can handle Josh’s eccentricities and have equally snarky come-backs to his snarky remarks. The chemistry is great and I think we really pull through when Josh needs help with something, like selling the rock star pad above the Sunset Strip. We threw a great party and drew in the right crowd for that particular listing. It was leased by an attendee, and possibly will be purchased at the end of the lease. As far as being ready for fame, we honestly want to continue to develop our real estate business and show people that young blondes in LA, while being fun, can be intelligent and achieve great success. We certainly wouldn’t mind continuing our career in TV as well as real estate. And we’ll let you know if Doublemint calls!

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